Another example of why Jets need czar Dan Leberfeld

It was a possibility on Monday, but then it didn’t happen, and some people might consider the reasoning a little perplexing.

On Monday, Jets coach Adam Gase was asked if he would be open to giving up offensive play-calling to change things up a little bit.

“For the last four years, I’ve toyed with the idea every once in a while,” Gase said on Monday. “I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever been opposed to trying something to try to change things up. I’d say everything is on the table at this point.”

He decided to keep the play-calling role, and explained it this way on Wednesday:

“We talked about it as a staff. None of the guys thought that was the right move to make. That was just kind of talking with those guys and seeing if we needed to make any changes in that area, nobody thought that was the reason why anything is going the way it’s going.”

Some people considered this an odd rationale, since what did you expect an assistant to say, “Adam, you should step aside and let me call the plays?”

This is yet another example of why the Jets need a football czar, one central football boss, who everybody on the football side reports do, including the coaches.

And a person in that role could have said, “Adam. I want you to give up the play-calling to Jim Bob Cooter, and take more of a 30,000 foot view of coaching the team.”

Its now clear, more than ever, that the Jets need a football czar.


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