This is just stupid Dan Leberfeld

Why does the media feel they need to quote Chad Johnson every time he opens his mouth?
It’s a little sad.
They are playing right into his agenda to get his name in the paper, or get on Sportscenter.
He was asked the other day if Darrelle Revis was going to hold out of training camp.
“He wouldn’t hold out” said Johnson. “Why would you hold out on an opportunity to play against me? That would be dumb. I’d take a pay cut to play against me.”
This quote is now all over the place, and it’s meaningless.
Across the internet headlines read – “Ocho Cincho doesn’t think Revis will hold out.”
He has no idea whether Revis is going to hold out.
His quote was about self-promotion, and doesn’t give us any insight into the Revis situation.