The biggest reason for Jets loss Dan Leberfeld

Tampa Bay – This isn’t about silly cliches or narratives, the Jets lost for a very simple football reason in Tampa Bay.

Okay, why did they lose 15-10 to the Buccaneers?

Simple, they couldn’t block Tampa Bay’s quick, athletic front seven.

The Jets’ defense gave up 15 points. That is good enough to win in this league.

This Jets loss was all about blocking issues, in all four quarters, and that is what doomed the Jets in Raymond James Stadium.

Just look at the stat sheet:

Tampa Bay finished the game with six sacks and 14 quarterback hits.

Tampa Bay’s outstanding defensive tackle Gerald McCoy had a sack, a tackle for a loss and three quarterback hits. He was living in the Jets’ backfield.

Tampa Bay defensive end Robert Ayers had a sack, a tackle for a loss, and four quarterback hits. Another guy living in the Jets’ backfield.

Tampa Bay linebacker, Lavonte David, one of the best players in football, had eight tackles, consistently beating Jets blockers into gaps to make stops on running plays.

So what happened in Tampa Bay is really easy to explain – the Tampa Bay front seven put the Buccaneers on their collective backs and dominated the game.

End of story.