This paints a poor picture of Jets and it needs to change Dan Leberfeld

Boomer Esiason’s old friend Frank Reich is interviewing with the Jets today for their head coaching spot. Reich, a former Buffalo Bills quarterback, is currently an assistant with the San Diego Chargers.

Esiason, a former Jets quarterback, hopes his friend lands somewhere else.

“If the Bills hired him or the Falcons hired him or some other smaller-market team hired him, I think he would really knock it out of the box,” Esiason told the New York Post. “With the Jets, coaching this team in its current predicament is like walking through the trenches of World War I. It’s no-man’s land. It’s littered with potholes and blind spots and all sorts of issues that most coaches don’t have to deal with. I told him: ‘For your sake, I hope you get the offer, but for my sake and for our sake I hope you get an offer somewhere else.'”

So what is Esiason getting at?

Clearly, part of the picture he is painting has to do with the media landscape.

And as a member of the media, this saddens me.

We should have nothing to do with the process of a team trying to find a new coach and GM.

This needs to change.

You can’t let the media have this kind of impact on your operation.