This scenario should concern Jets fans a little . . . Dan Leberfeld

On January 9, Brian Costello of the New York Post wrote, ““The consultants leading the search with Johnson – Charley Casserly and Ron Wolf – were both very high on Marrone, but Johnson was not equally enthused about Marrone.”

This should scare Jets fans.

And I’m not putting Marrone in Canton.

But conceptually, the picture Costello painted, is a little backwards.

Let’s get this straight. The two consultants, who have about 70 years of NFL experience between the two of them, like Marrone as a candidate, but Woody doesn’t?

Who would you side with?

The two football gurus or the businessman?

Look, I’m not trying to be disrespectful to Johnson, but Casserly and Wolf know what to look for in coaches. They have been around the sport forever.

Why would they like a candidate and Woody wouldn’t? What are they seeing that Woody isn’t?

Too often owners get caught up in the personality of a candidate. Surely six years ago, Rex Ryan lit up the room in Florham Park, blew the owner away.

I know Marrone isn’t “Mr. Personality,” but there is so much more to the job than being, “Mr. Personality.”

Is Bill Belichick, “Mr. Personality?”

This blog post really isn’t about Marrone, it’s more about the process.

The two sage football guys like a candidate, and the businessman doesn’t?

I’m sorry, if this is accurate, there is something wrong with this picture.