Thoughts from Brandon Marshall Dan Leberfeld

Q)What are you thoughts on the war of words between Dez Bryant and Josh Norman?

Brandon Marshall – Showtime’s Inside the NFL: I love those battles and I think we need more of that. And to your point, I agree. I think it needs to be clean within the lines, but we need to expose that more. This is the entertainment business. That’s fun… That’s what people want to see. People want to see that before the game, during the game, after the game but it needs to be clean…I want to see more of those battles. I want to see Julio Jones vs. Patrick Peterson. I want to see Dez Bryant vs. Josh Norman.

Q)What does Jim Caldwell bring to the table as a coach?

Marshall: I’m glad that they decided to keep him because when you’re going through a culture change, you need a guy at the top that has that type of respect. That has that type of credibility that players are going to follow.

Q)What is going to happen in the AFC West?

Marshall: It’s going to be a wild finish… Don’t be surprised if the Chiefs win that division.

Q)What are your thoughts on the job Gary Kubiak is doing?

Marshall: They call him cool for a reason. I mean, that’s what you want out of your leader. You take on the personality of your leader, and that’s a trickle-down effect.

Q)The New York Giants…

Marshall: They’re sitting at 8-3 right now. This team is playing lights out football right now. They’re going to win that division.

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