Tim Tebow and Chipper Jones on their new business Craig Thomas

Tim Tebow, and baseball player Chipper Jones (Atlanta Braves), are going to open up a training center in Orlando, in conjuction with a company called, “D1.”

“[D1 in Nashville] is where I trained getting ready for the combine,” Tebow said. “I’ve been back there in all my off-seasons to train and to be able to be a part owner of quite a few of them is exciting for me with a bunch of great athletes including Chipper Jones, who is an icon in Jacksonville as well as in a lot of different places. It’ll be a lot of fun to be partners with him and hopefully it’ll do well and hopefully more than anything we can just help some kids try to develop and go out there and try to reach their dreams. I have never met [Jones]. I look forward to it though.”

“I hope to (meet Tim) in the very near future,” Jones said. “He’s probably the most recognizable figure in America right now. We’re from the same area in Jacksonville. I know he comes from a good family. His faith is as strong as anybody you’ll ever meet. And I don’t even know him, so that’s my impression of him from afar. That being said, I’m a long-time loyal Gator, and he can do no wrong in my eyes.”