Tim Tebow Talks – Part II Dan Leberfeld

Q)The pass to Stephen Hill, that was dropped, seemed like like one of your better passes . . .

Tebow: I felt like it was good timing and it was a good read. He had already come up with a really nice catch. He’s still working and getting better. He’s going to be a great receiver. I know he was really excited to make a big play and make Pacman miss and he was going to try and take it to the house. I have 100 percent confidence that he will make that play every other time we go to him.

Q)Some Jets fans might be a little concerned right now about where the points are going to come from . . .

Tebow: I think they will come just by continuing to work and get better. Obviously, we didn’t do anything to game-plan for this week. We came out here and it was just another day for us. It was kind of like another practice. Things will definitely change when the season gets here, especially with us game-planning.

Q)How much wildcat do you think the team will use this season?

Tebow: Whatever the coaches want to do. You know and I know that I am going to give my heart and soul to doing it the best that I can. They are a lot smarter than me. I’ll [leave] a decision like that and let them make it.

Q)How much will some actual game film to go back and look at help the learning process?

Tebow: Being able to go back and look at different checks that we had and some of their blitzes that they were bringing, just the timing of throws. Did we have some bad ones? Did we have some good ways? Anytime you can go out there and play and have stuff on film and come back and look at it is always great.

What part of your throwing progress are you most pleased about?

Tebow: Probably my rhythm and my feet from my drops from under center. I think I only had one play from under center today. For the most part I was taking the ball from under center. The footwork from the drops and still being in balance and rhythm and timing. All that leads to your throw and accuracy.

Q)Do you think that your accuracy is markedly better than last season?

Tebow: I feel like I have improved in a lot of ways, but that is one of them. Yes sir.