To expect Decker to be a #1 might not be realistic Dan Leberfeld

Jets WR Eric Decker is a solid player.

“He runs great routes,” said Jets coach Rex Ryan. “Obviously, we know he catches the football. He’ll catch contested balls.”

So he does a lot of good things, but just because the Jets paid him well this off-season to come over in free agency, doesn’t mean he’s a #1 receiver. Big money doesn’t make somebody a different guy. You are who you are.

It’s okay if he’s more of a #2 or #3, as long as he helps his new team win.

And Decker isn’t into the number’s thing anyway.

“I don’t see I’m number one, he’s number two, and he’s number three,” Decker said. “All of us have to be on the field to make plays. It takes all 11 guys to have a successful offense.”

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