Bowles a better fit Dan Leberfeld

The Jets have hired Todd Bowles as their head coach.

The announcement was made by ESPN’s Josina Anderson and NFL Network’s Albert Breer.

Bowles was the Arizona Cardinals’ defensive coordinator the last two years.

Bowles might be a little better fit for the Jets’ schematically than Dan Quinn.

Bowles likes to play a 3-4 defense. He has a background with Bill Parcells (a big 3-4 guy).

The Jets have been a building a 3-4 defense in the draft and free agency since 2006.

Bowles’ approach is very similar to what the Jets have been doing.

And Jets GM Mike Maccagnan has been drafting for a 3-4 defense for the last eight years in Houston, first for Gary Kubiak, and then Bill O’Brien.

Bowles did a great job with an Arizona defense this past season that was ravaged by injuries and a major suspension. Bowles lost three key players before the season started with OLB John Abraham retiring due to a concussion, stud DT Darnell Dockett blowing his knee out, and playmaking ILB Darryl Washington getting suspended for the season due to a substance issue.

Those are three very excellent players, but Bowles kept the defense rolling without them.

The Seattle defense, which Quinn runs with Pete Carroll, and is obviously very successful, is a 4-3 base, and features smaller, quicker linebackers than the Jets’ scheme. It could have been an ugly transition the next year or two.

Bowles and Quinn were both terrific candidates, but Bowles might be a little better fit.

And honestly, who even knows if Quinn would have taken the job. Other teams are interested, and I’ve heard Seattle owner Paul Allen might offer him a big raise to stay another year.