Todd Bowles on the current NFL QB landscape Dan Leberfeld

It’s no secret the NFL has a dearth of franchise quarterbacks.

The Jets were very active this off-season adding talented new players, like CB Darrelle Revis and WR Brandon Marshall.

Jets coach Bowles was asked by a reporter in Phoenix something to the effect – “Even if you sign a lot of good players in free agency, how far can you really go if you don’t have a franchise quarterback?”

Pretty good question.

What say you, Todd Bowles?

“With 32 teams in the league, you aren’t going to have 32 franchise quarterbacks,” Bowles said. “That is just a fact. You can name five, 10 if you want to stretch it in two type of tiers. There are 12 playoff spots. There aren’t going to be 12 franchise quarterbacks in the playoffs. There are different ways to skin a cat. You have to try and win in different ways. It’s not that your quarterback is bad. As long as he understands not to lose the game and be smart with the football, you have a chance to win the ball game. You don’t have to win with a franchise quarterback. Every year there are playoff teams that don’t have franchise quarterbacks. You have to play team football and understand what your team is.”