Todd Bowles responds to ESPN report questioning how Darnold being handled Dan Leberfeld

ESPN’s Josina Anderson reported, “There seems to be an internal debate with how he’s being coached, specifically the approach with offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates.”

Todd Bowles was asked about that report today, and here’s what he had to say . . .

Q)What is your reaction to the report that there’s internal debate on how to coach Darnold?

Bowles: I think that’s something that you’ll probably have to ask (the reporter), because I haven’t heard of it.

Q)The report said that some people in the building want to simplify the offense for Darnold…

Bowles: Again, you can get (the reporter) up here and you can ask (the reporter) any questions you want. I have no clue.

Q)Is there an internal debate on how to coach Darnold?

Bowles: I haven’t talked to (the reporter), so no I don’t know of any.


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