Todd Bowles Thursday update on the Jets’ injuries Dan Leberfeld

Q)Has (linebacker) Josh Martin been cleared (from his concussion)?

Todd Bowles: Yes.

Q)Will Martin will be able to play against Jacksonville…

Bowles: He should be if he gets up to speed.

Q)Did Terrelle Pryor get hurt in practice?

Bowles: Yeah, he’s got a sore groin.

Q)What does Martin have to do to get up to speed?

Bowles: Well you’ve got to get in shape first. He’s missed a couple weeks now, and he’s got to get back up to the things we put in. He hasn’t played since preseason.

Q)Is Marcus Maye in football shape?

Bowles: He’s been running every day. He’s been running for a couple weeks now, so his shape is different. Josh hasn’t been doing anything, Marcus has.

Q)Did Pryor got injured yesterday or today?

Bowles: It was today.

Q)Are you worried that Pryor’s injury is serious?

Bowles: We will see how treatment goes and then we will see as the days go on.

Q)Did Pryor’s injury happen in team drills?

Bowles: He got hurt today.


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