Bowles shouldn’t name a starter Dan Leberfeld

People are wondering who will start at the Jets’ cornerback position opposite Darrelle Revis.

The leading candidates are Buster Skrine and Marcus Williams.

If I were Todd Bowles, I wouldn’t name a starter.

I’d just go with the hot-hand, or the best match-up given the opponent.

Hey, there could be a week where the opponent has a huge receiver, and perhaps you use Justin Burris.

Keep the competition at the spot open all season.

It will keep them hungry.

And there is another reason I wouldn’t name a starter – the press (certain people, not all).

If you name a starter, and he struggles, and you make a change, it will create a firestorm that so-and-so was “benched.”

And last year, when the Jets should have made a change at the cornerback position opposite Revis, I don’t think the coach wanted to crush the player by benching him, so he never did it.

So don’t name a starter.

Keep the position fluid.

It’s easier that way.

For many reasons.

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