Tom Izzo goes off on those proposing getting rid of handshake line Dan Leberfeld

Some are saying college basketball should get rid of the post-game handshake line after a fight broke out after a recent Wisconsin-Michigan game.

Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo thinks that’s absurd:

“That, to me, would be the biggest farce, joke, ridiculous nature of anything I’ve ever heard of,” Izzo said on Monday . “We’ve already taught these poor 18-year-olds that when you’re told to go to class and you don’t like it, you can leave. We’ve already told these kids that if you’re not happy, you can do something else. We’ve already told these kids that it’s hard to hold them accountable.

“And now we’re going to tell them to not man up and walk down a line to someone who’s kicked your butt and have enough class to shake their hand is utterly ridiculous. So if the president said it, I think he’s full of it. If the best coach in America said it, I think … that gets me more than this incident.

“Not shaking hands, that’s typical of our country right now. Instead of solving the problem, let’s make an excuse and let’s see if we can just, instead of confronting and demanding that it changes, let’s eliminate it so that we don’t have those problems. Let’s try to do that.

“That’s not happening here. So if some team doesn’t want to shake hands, you’re going to see 15 of my guys walk down and shake air. We’re going to shake air and I’m going to shake air and then we’re going to leave.”