Tony Sparano disappointed in number of turnovers Dan Leberfeld

If the Jets want to be a playoff contender, they clearly need to cut down on turnovers.

Jets offensive coordinator Tony Sparano isn’t very happy with what is going on.

“Am I disappointed? Yes, I don’t want the ball turned over period,” Sparano said. “I think you have to look at the turnovers. There are a couple of real flukes in there within the turnovers. I believe at this rate, none of it is good. In other words, the turnover part of it, I don’t want any of them. We can do a much better job. Taking care of the football, fumbling the football, being smart with the football, all those things are things that we talk a lot about. You can’t put them in those positions.

“You do it in practice, doing the drill work and simulating those kinds of things with ball security, which we have done all week, we went back to that again and put a huge emphasis on it. We’ve had a really good week of practice, so we’ll see how that translates.”