Tony Sparano talks Wildcat Craig Thomas

Tony Sparano continues to field a lot of questions about why he doesn’t call more passing plays out of the Wildcat. Here is some of his thinking on that subject –

“We’ve thrown the ball out of it a couple of times in relativity to the amount of times we’ve actually lined up in the Wildcat. I think that’s where the definition gets muddy. I think your version of Wildcat is any time Tim (Tebow) is in the game. My version of Wildcat is completely different. We could be in the game and not be in the Wildcat with Tim. We could be in the game and be in direct snap with Tim. We could be in option (formation) with Tim, and then there’s Wildcat, which is a little bit different.

“You really don’t know what you’re going to get with Tim, until you put him in the game. You learn a little bit and then when you go back to the next snap you learn a little bit. Here’s an example, New England was completely different. In other words, when we put Tim in the game, they completely went to a different picture. That’s just the way they were going to play that package. You have to learn some of the information when you’re out there. You can’t just dial these things up. I don’t think that every play is going to be a successful play because it’s Tim. They get some credit on the other side too.

“I think with that being said, throwing the football out of that is definitely something we have to consider doing more of. There’s no question about it because Tim can throw the ball.”