Tony thinks Mark got bad rap for comp % on Mon. Dan Leberfeld

Mark Sanchez completed 45.2 percent of his passes against Houston. He has been criticized for that. Tony Sparano think the criticism is unfair.

“Look, I said this to the coaches, I’ll say it to you,” Sparano said. “In the game last week we were 14 of 31. Tim threw one of those balls. We had a couple drops, two or three drops, and we had three or four, tipped passes. A couple of those are layups. We’re going to throw the ball to Shonn Greene, hand the guy gets his hands up and knocks the ball down coming on a twist stunt. Well, that’s just dumb luck. At the end of that whole thing, now you’re looking at it and you’re 18-of-31, well it’s a little bit different. Maybe you’re 18-of-31 for 255 or 260 yards. So it’s a little bit different day.”