Trading Cro makes no sense Dan Leberfeld

Would the Jets trade Antonio Cromartie?

“Instead of shopping Darrelle Revis, maybe the Jets should put fellow CB Antonio Cromartie on the trading block,” wrote ESPN’s Rich Cimini. “Don’t laugh, it’s not such a far-fetched idea. There’s a small segment of the organization that would rather trade Cromartie than Revis, according to a source.”

That shouldn’t even be on the table.

You don’t win in this league by trading top-shelf cornerbacks in their prime. They are really hard to find.

Cromartie played in the Pro Bowl last night, and he deserved to be there (that wasn’t the case with a number of players in that game). He had a couple of nice PD’s on Victor Cruz.

“Cro” is a rare talent, and trading him shouldn’t even be a consideration.