Two culprits – Sanchez and run defense Dan Leberfeld

Oakland – You can blame the Jets run defense all you want, and they deserve a lot of criticism, but the quarterback deserves some heat also.

His inconsistent accuracy is hurting this team.  He makes some brilliant plays, but mixed in are incompletions that should be completions. It’s hard to sustain drives that way.

The Jets were stuck on 17 points from 5:06 of the second quarter until 5:38 of the fourth quarter, against a secondary that lost a starting cornerback (Chris Johnson) early in the game. Inexcusable. The Jets should have been going up-and-down the field on these cats, like Buffalo’s Ryan Fitzpatrick.

After a long Jeremy Kerley punt return late in the first quarter, Sanchez forced a pass into the end zone to Derrick Mason.  This should have been at least three points. There was no reason to make this throw.

Also, the fourth down throw to Plaxico Burress, with the score tied at 17, was a bad decision. He went with this first read, and it was a very difficult throw. He should have surveyed the field a little bit.

Just because that’s the first read, doesn’t mean you have to go there.

The run defense AND Sanchez need to get better.