Ulbrich has high praise for under-the-radar DE Dan Leberfeld

People don’t talk about him a lot, but he consistently makes plays in practice.

Talking about Jets second-year DE Bryce Huff.

The University of Memphis-product, who joined the Jets as an undrafted free agent last year, has caught the attention of the team’s new defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich.

“I can’t say enough about him,” said Ulbrich. “He is the absolute same human being every time he steps on the field. Practice, pads, walkthrough, whatever it is, he’s ready to work.”

And while Huff might not look the part, he consistently finds a way to get the job done.

“He’s one of those rare guys that you look at him, and he’s a little undersized, maybe not fast enough, whatever the case may be, doesn’t mark all the boxes but just consistently comes out here and has production,” Ulbrich said.

Ulbrich hopes it works out for Huff, who had two sacks last year in very limited action.

“I’m absolutely pulling for this guy,” Ulbrich said. “I hope he has an amazing preseason. Hope he has an opportunity to be part of this team and really be part of the rotation.”


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