Vance Joseph Tuesday Press Conference Quotes Dan Leberfeld

Q)Any injuries from Monday night’s game?

Vance Joseph – Broncos coach – We had one injury from the football game. [T] Jared Veldheer is still being evaluated for a knee. We should know more today or tomorrow, so I’ll keep you guys informed on that issfor more of an explanation on the potential delay of game in the fourth quarter of Monday’s game.

Q)Did you get a further explanation from the league on why there was no delay of game call at the end of the Kansas City game?

Joseph: I did, but it was the same explanation. That’s their operation. His eyes go from the clock right to the snap. If he deems a snap is in progress, he doesn’t make the call. If it’s not in progress, he makes the call. That’s one play that obviously hurt us, but that doesn’t win or lose the game. But, that was a huge play for us.

Q)Will you have a tough time motivating the team this week?

Joseph: No, I don’t think so. Our team is different. We have a lot of guys on this team that have put a lot of work in, even after the game last night. We’re all disappointed we didn’t win that football game because they played their hearts out. The facts are that we’ve been in four tough football games and we’re 2-2. It’s the first quarter, we have a lot of football left.

Q)What went into the decision to call the hook-and-ladder on the final offensive snap?

Joseph: It’s a good play call because of the clock and because of the play itself. It was a good play call by Billy (Offensive Coordinator Bill Musgrave), and that corner made a nice play. Most corners in that play would back off because a field goal won’t beat you, so you tackle the ball [carrier] in the grass, you’re all good. Most corners will be a little bit soft, but the kid made a play. If he’s soft there, we’ve got a blocker for the corner, we’re going to toss the ball to [WR] Emmanuel [Sanders] and see what happens. That was a good play call. That play, we practice all the time because of those situations. We didn’t have any more timeouts, so time is always an issue when you don’t have timeouts. I liked the play call.

Q)Would you like to get RB Royce Freeman more snaps?

Joseph: Royce the last two week is hitting his stride. He is playing at a high level. To watch him last night, obviously we’re blocking well up front, but he turned nothing into something. That’s Royce. That’s what he was in college. I’m looking forward to getting him more touches. He played about 16 or 17 plays last night, but he needs more opportunities because he is playing good football.

Q)How did he feel the tight ends played in TE Jake Butt’s absence?

Joseph: I thought Jeff [Heuerman] did a nice job. I thought [Matt] LaCosse made a couple of plays also. Not having Jake is a huge deal for us, especially on third downs because he creates a matchup problem. I thought Heuerman blocked well, caught the ball well and made two or three plays in the pass game. LaCosse played well on [special] teams and caught a ball in the flat and got 12 yards. I was please with those guys.

Q)What did KC defensively to limit QB Case Keenum in the second half?

Joseph:In the second half they won first down more often than we won first down. That put us in second-and-long, and now you’re in a bind between throwing it and going third-and-10 or running it and going third-and-six or seven. I thought they won first down in the second half. They kind of pushed us back and we had some long fields.