Vick radio show not ideal Dan Leberfeld

Jets backup quarterback Michael Vick will be doing a weekly radio spot during the season with WFAN’s Mike Francesa.

For a reserve quarterback, to be doing a weekly spot, in almost any market, is rare.

But for a backup quarterback, to do a weekly segment, on the #1 sports talk show, in the #1 market in the country, is far from an ideal set-up.

“I’m surprised by that myself,” Francesa said on his show (thanks to Newsday for this quote). “It was started by the Vick camp. They wanted to do something this year on Tuesdays. I’m glad to do it with them. We will have Vick with us every week, I believe on Tuesdays.

“And remarkably the Jets said yes. That surprised me. We held it up because we didn’t know if the Jets would say yes. They did. It was something the Vick camp came to us with and we were glad to do it. I’m looking forward to it.”

Brian Costello of the New York Post tweeted today that the Jets didn’t check-off on this.

“The Jets did not give approval for Vick to appear on Francesa, but they said none was needed. Players can work out these deals on their own,” tweeted Costello.

That is exactly right. Players can make these deals on their own.

But still, that doesn’t make it a good idea.

However, Vick’s New York-based agent, Joel Segal, obviously saw this as a chance for the quarterback to make some good money off-the-field, in a major media market.

Can you imagine the reaction of a Bill Belichick or Bill Parcells over this kind of scenario?

They would go apoplectic.

If Vick emerges as the team’s starter at some point, then this isn’t a big deal. Starting quarterbacks often do radio shows.

But for a backup (who is new to a team), to be talking about the state of the team, on a weekly basis, on a major show, is a little bizarre.