Was this really a problem for the 2019 Jets? Not really. Dan Leberfeld

Some are too fixated on this angle, and should stop . . .

Some are always harping on Le’Veon Bell’s workload and make a big deal when he’s out of the game.

Why? Bilal Powell is a terrific running back. Stop making such a big deal about how many times Bell carries the ball. Bell finished Sunday’s Jets-Buffalo game with 16 carries for 41 yards and a 2.6 average against a defense playing a lot of backups. You take out his long carry of 12 yards, and he was 15-29. Not saying those low numbers were all his fault, but why is it such a big deal when they give Powell some carries, especially since the starter wasn’t exactly lighting it up?

Memo to those obsessed with Bell’s work load. Chill out. Nothing wrong with Powell getting his fair share. He’s a very good running back, and does a nice job hitting holes quickly.

Play-callers don’t need to genuflect to Bell, and feel they can never take him out of the game.


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