Wayne Hunter speaks Craig Thomas

Wayne Hunter on his performance against Dallas –
“It was really inconsistent. Some plays, I blocked him (DeMarcus Ware) really well and some plays I kind of let off a little too early. I think I need to be more consistent and finish a lot more.
“What is it about Ware? Everything. He has arms as long as Brick’s (D’Brickashaw Ferguson) on a 6’4” frame and he knows how to use them. He mixes everything up. He doesn’t just give you one thing all the time. He mixes everything.
‘Our running game wasn’t where it should have been last night, so that’s definitely going to take some work this week. They were a good defense. They really gave it to us.
“They were just pressuring a lot, filling up all the gaps, bringing in a lot of secondary pressure and they really disguised, as Rex does with his defense. (Give) a lot of credit to those guys. They came in ready to play.”