Westhoff went too far Dan Leberfeld

Cortland – Mike Westhoff said on ESPN Radio, “ I’m not sure [Dee Milliner’s] the best cornerback up here in Cortland. And I might include the university.”

That is unfortunate.

Milliner was rushed into action last year, “thrown him to the wolves,” to quote Rex Ryan.

He was thrust into the the starting lineup before he was ready. After the draft, he missed the entire spring following shoulder surgery.

Then he missed half of training camp with an Achilles injury.

So why would you start a rookie, who came out of school early, after he missed so many important learning reps in the spring and summer?

Why he was rushed into action? I have no idea. Could never get an answer on that one.

Also, I think the bar needs to be lowered a little bit.

“He’s a #2 corner,” one long-time scout told me.

I agree.

But regardless of how you feel about him as a player, let’s try to show the man some respect.