What a cut throat business Dan Leberfeld

Very few jobs are as unstable as being a football coach.

After the season, the Jets moved on from Jeff Weeks (Rex’s college roommate), so they could promote coaching intern, Mike Smith, to outside linebacker’s coach. Smith was offered a job at Washington State, so the Jets promoted him to keep him around.

Last night it came out that Smith is now leaving to go to West Virginia as linebacker coach, and co-defensive coordinator. I would give credit to somebody for breaking this story, but it’s hard to tell who had it first; most writers aren’t into giving credit any more, they are into “confirming.”

So essentially the Jets moved on from Weeks, to make room for somebody, who then too bolted two weeks later. So does Weeks get his job back?

And if Smith wanted to coach in college, why didn’t he take the offer from his college coach (Texas Tech), Mike Leach, to be the Washington State linebacker coach?

Surely, if Smith wanted a bigger title, Leach could have worked that out. Leach can’t be too happy with Smith right now.

And the Jets can’t either.

You can talk better opportunities all you want, but remember when the Jets denied Bill Callahan and Dennis Thurman the chance to interview for other jobs that were better gigs?

There is a little bit of a double standard at work here.

And poor Jeff Weeks is now out of a job.