What are Idzik’s early thoughts on Mark Sanchez? Dan Leberfeld

So what does Jets GM John Idzik think of QB Mark Sanchez?

“Obviously with Pete Carroll, we have a little bit of background there on (Sanchez) coming out of school,” said Idzik, who came to the Jets from the Seattle front office. “I can’t comment really. Rex had to show me my office (laughter), so I don’t want to drill down too deep. We’re going to save for our evaluation process in the days and weeks to come,

But in looking at Mark, even evaluating him as a draft prospect, he’s an athletic guy (and) he was accomplished at USC (Southern California). He’s done some nice things here, but I think we just need to take our time and evaluate Mark with everybody else on the roster and see how we can move forward and improve.”

Odds are, Sanchez will be thrown into a QB competition in the spring and summer, with Greg McElroy, along with a free agent signing, and possibly a quarterback picked in the draft.

“When you’re in football, you relish competition,” Idzik said. “It gets everybody better.”