What do you think of what Herm said? Dan Leberfeld

Herman Edwards said the following on ESPN’s “NFL 32” about Rex Ryan (hat-tip “K-Mart” Martin for tweeting this quote) – “You can tell by his tone that he doesn’t have a lot to do with this (Revis’ trade). It’s John Idzik’s team.”

Of course Ryan would want to keep Revis, he’s perhaps the best corner in the game. I say “perhaps” because he’s in the middle of knee rehab right now, so we have to see how he comes back. Before the injury, he was the best.

But is it pragmatic to keep him?

Maybe if he would play for $9-10 million a year, which is more than fair.

It just seems unfair to Idzik to paint him as the bad guy here.

You get the sense the concept of trading Revis emanated from owner Woody Johnson. So it’s misguided to blame Idzik for this.

Ryan is a big boy. He understands the business element at work here.

There should no be a divide between Ryan and Idzik over this Revis” contract imbroglio. No way.

No question Ryan wants to keep Revis, but he shouldn’t blame Idzik if the player is traded.

Idzik inherited this scenario, he didn’t create it.