Mims role on Sunday a mystery Dan Leberfeld

After missing most of training camp, what can we expect to see from Jets rookie receiver Denzel Mims on Sunday in Buffalo?

“It’s about understanding kind of what’s going on in the game plan and locking in that way,” Jets QB Sam Darnold said about Mims. “But he was great [on Wednesday], we just got to continue to build off of it.”

While he couldn’t physically participate in camp due to a hamstring injury, Mims watched his fellow receivers closely from the sideline.

“I had a (play) script on the field,” Mims said.

He also stayed after school, if you will, to learn the playbook.

“I did extra meetings with the coaches to make sure I was ready when I came back,” Mims said.

Expect the Jets to put in a limited package for him on Sunday, and not expect him to know the entire playbook, just this week’s game plan.

Darnold is excited to have this player as a weapon on Sunday, and moving forward.

“He’s explosive, quick in and out of his breaks, I think that’s the biggest thing and he’s a big target,” Darnold said. “I mean those are all the things you want in a receiver, so whenever you got a big guy like that who can run, who can get in and out of his cuts, that’s what you want.”


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