What were they booing? Dan Leberfeld

Tim Tebow was booed at Yankee Stadium yesterday, and now we are going to have to hear about it all day from the media.

Why was he booed? Maybe those fans don’t like players that do a ton of charity work.

“[Tebow] raises monies for Shands Hospital pediatric cancer center in Gainesville and a Disney trip for disadvantaged children,” wrote Wikipedia. “The Foundation is outreaching to four projects: the WI5H Program, partnering with CURE to construct a hospital in the Phillipines, Timmy’s Playrooms and financial support for Uncle Dick’s Orphanage. The WI5H Program is part of the Jacksonville-based wish-granting organization, Dreams Come True. The program aims to bring the dreams of children with life-threatening illnesses to life by meeting Tim Tebow.

“CURE aims to bring healing throughout the developing world, targeting children who suffer from physical disabilities. The Tebow Foundation will partner with CURE to build a hospital in the Phillipines to continue their mission. Timmy’s Playroom, an extension of the First and 15 program at University of Florida, will create playrooms in children’s hospital throughout the world. Uncle Dick’s Orphanage will continue to be supported by the Foundation, as a place where hundreds of children are left homeless or abandoned every year.”