Okay, we get it! Dan Leberfeld

Maybe it’s time for AB to turn the page.

How many times does the story need to be rehashed?

On March 11, 2019, it was announced by NFL media insiders that linebacker Barr agreed to a multi-year deal with the Jets. But he changed his mind, and re-signed with the Vikings on March 13, 2019

On March 15, Barr told NFL Network on why he backed out of the Jets deal, “It was mostly when I hung up the phone after saying, ‘Yeah, I can do New York. My stomach dropped, I kind of get some cold sweats. It was like you’re about to go down the altar and marry the wrong woman. I think I’m making a bad choice. I did what I felt was right for myself.”

And now this week Barr told ESPN in an extensive feature on his decision to back out of the Jets’ deal, “I was trying to convince myself of something I knew that in my heart didn’t feel right, and I think if you follow the heart, I can live with the results.”

Okay, we get it, you backed out of your agreement with the Jets to follow your heart. Point made.

But perhaps it’s time for Barr and his camp to focus 100 percent on the Vikings and move past this saga already.

Or maybe make a TV movie about it.


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