Who called DeMario a bust? Dan Leberfeld

On Thursday, Rex Ryan said the following –

“I know the bust, the draft bust I read all of those things about DeMario Davis. We’ll see if he’s a bust. We’ll see if [Quinton] Coples is too. I have a funny feeling they’re not. I have a funny feeling they’re exactly what I said they were. And I think we’re starting to see it.”

Who called Davis a bust?

I have to admit, I don’t read everything written about the Jets, but I’ve never seen anybody write that. If anybody saw that written somewhere, let me know.

He’s a third round pick who didn’t play a lot on defense as a rookie last year. He was brought a long slowly, and that is smart. He contributed on special teams.

With Bart Scott gone, Davis has a chance to make a statement this year.

Let’s see what he can do.

But if anybody called him a “bust,” they are getting way ahead of themselves.