Who said Bowles is on hot-seat? Where is this coming from? Dan Leberfeld

You read all this stuff about coaches on the hot-seat.

And you see things like, “Hot-Seat Rankings.”

Todd Bowles names appears on some of these lists.

What’s that based on?

It’s certainly not coming from anybody at One Jets Drive, like Christopher Johnson.

Johnson called the coach “quite extraordinary” last off-season and gave him a two-year contract extension.

Does that sound like “hot-seat” material?

And maybe Bowles got the go-head from higher-ups to use this season to develop Sam Darnold and not worry about his job security, in case it didn’t go well. Because usually when you start a rookie QB, it can be rough sailing.

Look, I have no idea what’s going to happen after this season. I don’t have a crystal ball.

But what I don’t get is how people discern that a coach is on the hot-seat, when none of his bosses are saying that, on-, or off-the-record.


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