Why I have no issue with Rex not explaining Dan Leberfeld

Rex Ryan took some criticism from the press for not offering much of an explanation for his decision to start Greg McElroy at quarterback.

You know what, I actually have no issue with his approach, and here is why.

Why does he need to kick Mark Sanchez when he’s down?

He just got benched – that speaks volumes.

Do you want him to rip Sanchez now? What would be the point? We all saw what happened last night.

Also, he also doesn’t want to kick Tim Tebow when he’s down as well.

Tebow, a very prideful guy, just got bypassed for the starting quarterback job, with Rex instead going with McElroy.

Once again, the decision speaks volumes.

Does he really need to offer us an expansive answers on the shortcomings of Sanchez and Tebow as quarterbacks?

That would be piling on.

I respect Rex’s approach today.