Why is Namath reaction a big story? Dan Leberfeld

It’s all over the internet.

It’s on the front page of NFL.com and ESPN.com.

Joe Namath is baffled by the Jets hiring of Tony Sparano as offensive coordinator.

“I’m stumped. I am stumped. Ay yay yay,” Namath told ESPN-1050, the Jets Flagship Station. “Other than calling some plays with the Dallas Cowboys, I don’t know what his credentials are for an offensive coordinator,” Namath said. “Sparano’s relationship with (Jets general manager Mike) Tannenbaum goes back to the (Bill) Parcells days, too. This is the football fraternity, the coaching fraternity, the general managers with their friends and all. That’s basically what I think about Tony getting that job. Because credentials as an offensive coordinator? I don’t see it.”

He is entitled to his opinion, and we will see in time if it’s a good hire.

But at this point, his opinion is just a knee jerk reaction without a ton of research.

And it’s kind of troubling that this is considered big news.

Journalism is dead or on life support.

So while we don’t condone what Bart Scott did, flipping the bird at the media, we like the symbolism of it.

“Namath didn’t do a lot of film study on this one,” said one unnamed Jets Confidential writer.