Will Idzik fall for these kind of endorsements? Dan Leberfeld

We are hearing this quite a bit of this lately, the narrative goes something like this – “It wasn’t Mark’s fault.”

“Just like he got an inordinate amount of credit, he absorbed an inordinate amount of blame,” Mike Westhoff told the New York Post. “I don’t think that’s fair to him. I think he is salvageable, but you’re going to have to build things back up. You have to run the ball. He has to be built back up.

“I’m not necessarily a believer that he regressed. I think the first two years when we went to the AFC Championship Game, we were a very good overall football team. Mark was part of that package. That package dissipated just as much as Mark did. I think sometimes he gets the burden thrust on him. I don’t think there was any drastic difference in Mark. I just think the whole thing wasn’t as good and there was more pressure put on him.”

Will John Idzik fall for these on-the-record endorsements of Sanchez?

Because in some cases, the comments might fall into the category – “What do you expect them to say to the press (on-the-record)?”

Idzik is probably best served making up his own mind about Mark Sanchez, along with Marty Mornhinweg and David Lee.

Anybody who was in the building during Sanchez’s first four years, should be left out of the assessment, or their opinions taken with a grain of salt.

Too many of these people have become close to Sanchez, and have issues being objective.