Will the labrum issues hurt Milliner and Jordan? Dan Leberfeld

Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner and Oregon outside linebacker Dion Jordan are both possibilities for the Jets at nine.

Milliner would make sense if the Jets trade Darrelle Revis. Jordan could help their pass rush.

But both players will be going under the knife, shortly, for labrum issues.

Will these surgeries have an impact on either players’ draft status?

“I don’t think so,” said Mike Mayock of the NFL Network. “32 teams view medical results in 32 different ways. Dion
Jordan and Dee Milliner held off just so that they could compete at the Combine; they’re going to do everything but the bench [press]. I respect them for that. As long as it’s the minor surgery that apparently it is, I don’t think it’s going to affect them at all.

“Dion Jordan is a guy that’s had trouble in keeping weight on and part of the problem has been that shoulder. So if you want to like Dion Jordan, and I do, Dion Jordan could be an Aldon Smith-type of defensive player but he has to put 20 pounds. To do that, he has to get the shoulder right.”