Wilson a fast learner Dan Leberfeld

SUNY Cortland – While Darrelle Revis is sitting at home, Kyle Wilson is taking advantage of the extra starting reps to move up the growth curve.
“He’s smart, he’s starting to get it,” Rex Ryan said. “He’s alerting motions. He’s doing (things) that you would think an older player would do. He still hasn’t seen it all yet, but he’s certainly coachable. I think it’s going to work. He’s going to be a tremendous player for us. He has rare ability.”
Wilson and Dwight Lowery are splitting starting reps at the cornerback spot opposite Antonio Cromartie.
“It’s funny because Dwight (Lowery) is the one who said (Wilson) ought to be starting,” Ryan said. “That was interesting. It surprised us. He never told me, he told Dennis (Thurman). (Lowery) sees that (Wilson) needs the work. He needs the reps. It just shows you that this is a team.”