Woody Johnson’s full statement clarifying Sanchez comment Dan Leberfeld

Madison – Woody Johnson said this morning about Mark Sanchez and his shoulder injury, “He’s an experienced guy. I wish he hadn’t gotten hurt, but you got to protect yourself, too.”

This quote caused a stir. How was Sanchez supposed to protect himself from Marvin Austin coming at him like a heat-guided missile?

Johnson attempted to clear things up later in the day at a press conference in Florham Park.

“One of the things I want to clarify before we start, I may have said or I’ve been accused of saying (Mark) Sanchez’s injury was his fault, and that was not my intent at all,” Johnson said. “Of course, it wasn’t his fault. He was trying to make a play. The competition was continuing through that fourth quarter of that game and unfortunately he got hurt.  But it’s not his fault he got hurt. No player wants to get hurt. So, I just wanted to clarify that.”