How do you really determine “worst roster” this time of year? Dan Leberfeld

The “worst roster” talk is all over the place. Is it really fair to go there at this point? . . .

Former NFL scout Daniel Jeremiah, a very good draft analyst for, recently quoted an unnamed NFL executive saying, “I think the Jets might have the worst roster I’ve seen in a decade.”

One executive recently told the New York Post – “They have the worst roster in the league and it’s not close.”

Are these body blows to the Jets’ roster accurate?

It’s definitely hyperbolic at this point.

First of all, we are talking about a 90-man roster now. NFL teams will cut down to 53 after the preseason wraps up.

When you talk about “worst roster” now, what are you really talking about? The rosters are bloated this time of year, and we’re not even sure of the make-up of the Jets’ final 53.

And also, for these unnamed cats to make these statements, without being at the Jets’ spring practices and observing the talent, is a little reckless.

Let’s see how this turns out.

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