Does Florio know if Harris would have taken that offer from Jets? Dan Leberfeld

David Harris agreed to two-year deal for $5 million with New England with just $1.25 million guaranteed, according to numerous published reports

That money makes a lot more sense than his old Jets deal, which the team got out of by releasing him last week. Harris was scheduled to make $6.75 million this year with the Jets. $6.75 million is too much money for a linebacker who has lost a step and struggles in coverage. He’s still good in the box.

Pro Football Talk had this item, likely from Harris’ agents, who are very media-friendly:

“Here’s what we know, per a source with knowledge of the situation: The Patriots offered Harris more than the Jets did on a reduced deal, before the Jets cut him,” wrote Mike Florio.

This nugget is a little misleading, and was probably leaked to make the Jets look bad.

If the Jets had offered David Harris a two-year deal for $5 million with only $1.25 million guaranteed, would he have taken it?

Until Florio finds that out, this report doesn’t mean much.

I have a really hard time believing the Jets wouldn’t have been willing to pay him that. The deal only has $1.25 million guaranteed, for goodness sake.

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