Writer feels Jets loss related to Heidi Game Dan Leberfeld

The Jets lost to the Green Bay Packers yesterday.

But it had nothing to do with tackling, throwing, rushing and blocking. It was because of their past, a paranormal element.

“If you are lucky — and I use that term both loosely and ironically — then perhaps you go back to the originator, to the Heidi Game,” wrote columnist Mike Vaccaro in the N.Y. Post. “Maybe you didn’t realize it then — the Jets did go on to win the Super Bowl seven weeks later, after all — but that was the start of something. Call it an ill wind. Call it a dark cloud.

“Call it Indi-Jets-ion.

“But you know it’s there, always lurking. Players come, players go. Coaches, executives, PR flacks — they come, they swear there is no such wind, no such cloud, they sneer at the sheer silliness of it all, they go. And yet every few years, you get Mark Gastineau hitting Bernie Kosar late. You get a Fake Spike. You get a buttfumble.”