You have to give Douglas credit for this Dan Leberfeld

While Joe Douglas still has a lot to prove as Jets GM, you have to respect his approach . . .

. . . to contracts.

He doesn’t spend like a drunken sailor. He spends money, but doesn’t give out reckless long-term contracts that paint the team in a corner for many years if the player doesn’t work out.

Adam Schefter announced today that there Jets are signing former San Francisco 49ers guard Laken Tomlinson to a three-year deal for $40 million with $27 million guaranteed. So in some ways, you can view it as a two-year deal for $27 million, because the only thing that matters in NFL contracts is the guaranteed money.

Schefter also announced the Jets signed former Cincinnati Bengals tight end C.J. Uzomah to a three-year, $24 million deal.

Jets returner Braxton Berrios was brought back on a two-year deal for $12 million.

Douglas is very big on these shorter, team-friendly contracts, and not giving out contracts, like previous regimes, for insane money, that you are paying off for years to come, even if the player doesn’t work out, like the Trumaine Johnson deal.

Once again Douglas has a lot of work to do, especially fixing the Jets’ 32nd ranked defense, but you have to give him credit for signing tight contracts that don’t wreck the salary cap.


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