Needs to get to Level 501 Dan Leberfeld

When will Zach Wilson be ready to start?

When he gets to the 501 level.

Let’s have Jets coach Robert Saleh explain:

“As far as bringing along a quarterback and just overall philosophy, it’s no different than how you would want to bring along your Mike linebacker or your offensive linemen or whatever it is,” said Saleh. “There’s a process at which we’ll go through. Not to give too technical of a detail, but there’s football 101 coaching, there’s football 301 coaching and there’s football 501 coaching. We have to be able to introduce our scheme. We have to be able to show them the techniques and fundamentals, and we have to be able to get them to a point where they understand the overall scope of football.”

So whether it’s quarterback or cornerback, under Saleh, players much reach the 501 level before they start.

“As far as Zach, I get it, the magnitude of the quarterback position, but the development of all these rookies are really the same with regards to trying to reach them from a 101 level and try to get them to their graduate degree of a 501 level,” Saleh said.


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